Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Caution ... X Rated

Anyone interested in framing
pics from Vintage prints/goodies 
and applying their own 
I'm so bad.
I completely enjoy 
being sarcastic and
edgy based on
my mood at
the time that
I print stuff.
I find it therapeutic
to talk "nasty" without
really hurting anyone's 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hello Darlings.....
Is life treating you and yours Good?
I sure hope so.
For me it's been busy .... busy with
the grands .... busy with work ....
and busy with life in general.
My creative endeavors have been
blanketed lately as a result.
I plan to change that.
Working on small projects has helped
keep my creative side focused and has
kept my feelings of being overwhelmed under
Not to change the subject but ....
I picked up a cannon point and click camera for 8 bucks the
other day and it has built in video!  It is a dated
camera but it's just the toy I need to document 
my corner of life while in the throes of a project.  I won't 
need to worry if it gets a little paint or a scratch here and there.
I'm painting a kitchen chair or I should say "repainting" a 
kitchen chair.  I have some lovely material (actually a cloth shower curtain he heee) bought it from Ross's to cover the seats.  The grands put quite a lot of strain on my chairs so they are not fancy. "All" the chairs will be getting 
a face lift as time and energy dictate.  I also have a "Big" 
can of dirt/water scotch guard to saturate the seating material with to prevent dirt from busy grand darling feet.  
Anyhoo the video above is unrelated to this post but thought many of you would enjoy my video and getting to know
a little more about me and one of my grand loves .... Blessing to ya for the rest of the week. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Love my reborn darlings.  Their little crochet hats are just too sweet. The soft handmade coverings were initially a means to distinguish one twin from another (according to the lady who gave me the hats and who had "live twins" of her own). 

Being the late bloomer that I am .... I taught myself how to crochet.  I'm not really super good at it and so I tend to pick out patterns that are not only easy but quick.  
                                        Bevs country cottage
I really enjoy this ladies information regarding crochet.  Her many patterns are easy and quick.  She has some awesome baby booty patterns as well.  Please check her out .... and like me you'll be glad you did especially if your a beginner crocheter.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cheap Shabby Pantry

Picked up this sleeping beauty recently.  Nothing fab about her
other than she is old and came out of a farm house.
I've been working on her a little at a time and am by no means done.
  I love that she is thin and tall ....  and I like that the door opens and closes easy.
 She fits well
 housed between two other cabinets in the kitchen.
She holds my toaster, can opener and
other kitchen items.  I'm thinking I might paint the inside with
some bright happy color or maybe even line the shelves with some
Any ideas?  Do share!! 
I'll try to post after pictures when I'm done.  


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