Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seeing Pink

Hello my darling darling friends!! My posting is lacking ... this new job of mine has consumed my time..but my heart beats for the love of blogging. I cannot abide another moment of not recording some tid bit of my life. As posted I was in the mood for red and more red. Well I have determined to make changes...can you guess the desired hue!? Yupper ... tis Pink.
The issue is "I have little to no pink with which to play with"!! I purchased a pink dinner set from Tuesday Morning ... and it just saturated my heart into a pink mode!!! What to do dear friends!! what to do? WELL .... I am going to put some touches here and there with great effort towards that cotten candy color and blend in a bit of the shabby, chippy, used and loved stuff and see what happens. My table with the red seats will need to be changed into white/pink pattern...the red curtains are comming down from the kitchen window and in their place a soft creamy white set of sheers from my corner Dollar General Store $5.25 each. I also have the sweetest little purple type lites that I'm going to put inside the sheers for a soft look. I may use white if the purple interferes with the hue I'm striving for. These little lights are meant for Halloween but I purchased about 6 boxs to use in my sheer canopy's that hang over my beds and daybed in the sunroom. I also bought a pair for my grand-daughters first white Christmas tree. They are sooo tiny and delicate looking when you turn them on. I just love them!!
I may need to pack up a few things from my kitchen for another day as I really do have a ton of red going on. I may take some white and wash it over the red on the laundry room cabinets but I'm not sure about that 100%. I'm thinking a watered down white will allow the grain to show and also some of the red creating a tinted pink... maybe? I promise ...with fingers crossed to post pictures on the endeavor good or bad. I have to tell ya'll the red counter tops??? much to my dismay some of the color lifted as did some of the poloyurithine. I am going to buff again and redo and see if I can correct that issue. Dave (my hubby) did sand and enhance my wood floor in my kitchen so at least that is a big improvement. I have a sweet little crystal type ceiling fixture that is replacing the spot where a ceiling fan hung. It's going to get dressed up more with some crystals and irredescent beads. The ceiling fan is getting a new face lift and I am going to try to alter the fan by using tea cups as lite bulb covers. Wish me luck!! I'm going to need it. Love you all!!

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