Tuesday, August 24, 2010

rag rugging around part B

Hello friends.  Have you gathered up your supplies yet?  It's so cool
 how green this craft is.. and cost effective!
Do you have your freshly laundered sheets?
You can purchase other types of material but
lets discuss that later.
For now lets stick with cotten material.  If you buy material on
the bolt just be sure to wash it first and by all means use what
you have around the house.  After all saving money and being green
is what it's all about right?

I snatched this image from a darling site.  I'll post for your pleasure at the
end of this tutorial.  I thought the yellow and white picture was very clear and beautiful.
  I've done a lot of research and found some good spots but all in all this dear
(who by the way gave conset) had a very user friendly approach with excellent
pictures and video's.  If you wish to jump ahead of my tutorial please feel
free to visit her.

This is what your strips should look like.  You can roll them into balls for later use. Since
I'm currently working on a rug and I've chosen to just grab the strips from the pile as I go.
Here is another sample of your strips tied neatly into a tassle effect.
I love the soft cabbage rose and cream in this material don't you?
I am sorry for the blur here... Can you see how the strips are obtained?
Take your material and double or triple fold (depending on how sharp your scissors are).  You might
use a cutting matt and a special cutting tecniques to get more strips for the cut. 
Fold your material at least once or twice. 
 At the folded edge make a small snip..cut equal snips all
the way across the full width. The distance of the cuts will determine the width of your strips for your rug.  Keep that in mind when you start cutting.  At the snip or mouth of the cut just pull and tear.  You will create full length strips all the way down with soft frayed edges.
You may also have a lot of strings.  Cut the most bothersome ones but if your like me you can deal with them as you build your rug.

 This is a great time to enlist the aide of the youngens.  Do some bribing and let them tear away.  
Can you see the snips? 

Just another picture of what you can anticipate with your rug.

Ok...my puter is acting up .. I'm trying to post the how to of joining all those
lovely strips so you can make magic.

Here is the site on a tutorial I found online with regards to easy as pie
pictures and video's.  Promise to stay with me though? Don't leave me?
I want to demonstrate some stitches and some finishing ideas.  Thes ewill put
a creative flair to your work and lend that
special and uniquely "YOU" touch to your work.  
 Part C will explore joining your strips
where to find your needles
and some other cool stuff.
Okee dokeee...I better get this off and running before my computer gobbles it up..yikes!!!!!

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