Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joining your strips is Magic/part C

This is a very evil looking diagram I must confess.
I was trying to scan and manipulate.  I hope you don't run
screaming out of the room.
I promise to make this as painless as possible.

Take your strip and fold a small section on the edge in on itself.
It's as though you are creating a little hem.  You will do this on every
strip for the rug you are working on.  Some of you may want
to set aside time to join the strips and roll into balls.  I prefer to join as I go.
Take your scissors and make a little snip on the folded edge.  Do not snip all the way to the
otherside of the edge or the fray side of the fold.  Just snip a tad to the inside.
Does that make sense??
Check out the video below.  I do not take credit for this video..please
see the section that demonstrates how to join since this
tutorial is embracing Crochet and not rug-braiding.
I'm hoping the video will clarrify your understanding so you can join your material
without frustration.  It's sort of a blanket stitch effect but on the end of
each strip.

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I've submitted some links for you to explore on the bottem of the page.
I'm still learning and exploring so you may find some
awesome sites on your own.  Would you be kind enough to let us know?
I'd love to see some of your finished work too.
I still have more posts to go on rag-rugging so don't run away yet!


My sister created this rug for me.  I love it's shabby home-made look.  I will cherish it always.
One of my lovely rugs I recently made.  Don't you just love the pinks and white?
This rug is distinctly unique because I used plastic grocery bags and fuufuu yarn.  This was so fun to make.  The hues in this rug are beachy and frothy looking.  Great for someone who adores tropical.
More tutorial to come...are you getting excited?

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