Sunday, August 29, 2010

A pattern for a round rug and other cool stuff

Hello sweet friends.  Have your been making some magic with your crochet hook? 
I sure hope so.  Before I share a pattern with you I wanted to post a Video that demonstrates the use of  grips for your crochet hooks.
This is appropriate for smaller hooks but not for your larger wooden or plastic hooks.
Treasa has some awesome demonstrations as a whole with the crochet thing so be sure after the tutorial to visit and leave comments.  Who knows you may find yourself venturing past the world of rag- rugs and into other dimenstions of crochet.

Don't become dismayed by the symbols...this is just something for your consideration and exposure.

What better time than now to grab up your strips and work your craft while a cool breeze swirls the leaves in the grass and all the fall time hues inspire your colors. Are you a Prim girl?

Go with the earthy hues that fall embraces. A shabby chic chick? Choose soft pinks and whites and cabbage hues. Are you a topical girl? Choose all those colors that burst with limes, tropical greens and other related hues.

There is no right or wrong approach. Just grab what you have on hand or what appeals to your home decor. 

Make a chain of 4 stitches.  Join with a slip stitch to form or close the ring. 
Round 1-Going into the middle of the ring each time, put 8 single crochet stitches into the ring.  Mark the last stitch with your safety pin.
Round 2- Put 2 single crochet stitches into each stitch in the round.  Mark the last stitch.
Round 3- Put 1 single crochet stitch into each stitch in this round.  Mark the last stitch.
Repeat rounds 2 and 3 for as long as your work is staying flat.  Lay it down once in a while and make sure that it is not cupping or forming a bowl shape.    Adjust your increases as your circle grows.  Increases are 2 stitches in one or every other stitch.  You'll gain a feel for when to increase.  Don't dispair.  Just play with it.  Check it often by laying it on the floor.  You can always undo a round very easily and re-do without difficulty.  Before you know it your circle will grow and become a lap pad and eventually an adorable round rug.  You can continue to make spirals along untill it is huge.  Just determine what your goal is.  Have lots of fun.
Helpful hint - practice making your stitches into the back loop only rather than running your hook under the 2 exposed loops when making a stitch. 
A round rug 3 to 4 feet in diameter will require about 10 yards of fabric.
One idea that is realy fun is the use of fuu fuu yarn.  When you make your strips of material *example - shabby hues such as pink or cabbage*  marry the strips with a complimented color of yarn. Dollar Tree often sells cute bundles of eyelash yarn. While crocheting your strips, have your yarn side by side with your strips and crochet the two together. The finished rug has a soft texture mixed in with the strips. This adds an interesting dimensiion to the finished rug.   
You can also use regular yarn.  If you've ever made rugs using strips of Wall-Mart bags fuu fuu yarn is ideal with this as well. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on this in the future.
Dircetions for an Oval rug
Make a chain the desired length.
At the end of your chain put the hook into the second chain from the hook.  This is the start of your curve or curve 1#.  Single crochet along the chain to the next to the last chain (2 stitches before the tail).
Put 2 single crochet stitches in each of these last two stitches.  Swing around to the other side of the tail and put 2 more single crochet stitches into this same stitch. (you have increased 6 stitches in all and formed curve 2#). This is the beginning of row 1 on the increasing chart. 
continue to put one single crochet stitch in each of the stitches down this side of the chain until you come to the last three stitches.  Put two single crochet stitches into each of these theree stitches.
Continue down this side putting one single crochet stitch in each stitch until you get back to the tail curve again.  At this point you will do your increases.  You will begin increases at each new row at the tail curve.
Hint -
Your beginning chain when you started your rug will determine the finished size of your oval.  If you want your rug to be 2x3 feet.. the chain length should be the difference between the length and width.  3-2=1 (or one foot long chain) 4 by 7 is 7-4= 3 foot chain ect. 
Hint - to finish your oval slip stitch the last several stitches and cut your strip and leave a 3 inch tail.  Loop the tail through the last loop on the hook and work in to hide.
Make sure your chain when you start your oval is straight.  Do not skip any stitches withen the original chain or your oval will not be straight.
I told a lie..unitentionally however.  Please let me post one more tutorial ... this post is so long and I needed a small break.  I promise the next rug how to will be the last.  In it I will share the how's of the heart rug and I'll post a diagram on the increasing chart for your ovals and rounds.

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