Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you like my little scrappy door hanger? It's a darling door sign for that tiny someone. It gives the appearance of being
"Easter re" and could easily adapt for that..but in this case it's meant for a new mom and baby.
The caption on the top reads "tuck me in" (a cheap scrapbook purchase from a dollar tree).
The actual print was found here.

It is embellished with pink glitter on the egg. The middle of the little flowers are enhanced with tiny tear drop plastic crystals cut from an old pair of earrings. The downloaded chick from white card stock is glued onto a piece of cardboard (the type used to line and protect glass from breaking) to lend interest and texture. The cardboard received a coat of decoupage glue and sprinkles of fat glitter first before the chickee picture was glued on top. I also had my husband cut a solid base (made from very very thick backing of some sort) the same size as the corigated card board to lend strength to the whole piece. This thick heavy card board stuff was covered first with a decorative scrap book page paper so it had a nice look to it on the back side. Everything was glued sandwich style together. I hot glued the feathery purple boa on the top and bottem (this hides the raw edges of the card stock and backing) ... took some scrap pink cotton material and tied a knot on each side leaving a little to hang down and hotglued to the sides to allow for a hanger. I took the yellow ribbon (already had it on hand from a baby gift my daughter recieived) and cut the florist stick off. It was glued at a jaunty angle on the side of the hanging covering one of the knots on the cotten hanger. You can't see it in the picture...but I also glued a large round button in the middle of the yellow ribbon. The button compliments in hue green and yellow...and also hides the wire in the middle of the bow. On the other side of the hanging I also used some smaller buttons to compliment and hide the knots on the hanger.

I went to my computer and picked a font and printed out the saying..."shhhhhh" our darling baby is asleep. From that I cut and glued the saying in a pleasing manner and volia! a lovely token of love for a newborn and mommy!! It took more time than money to put this together.
What do ya'll think?

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