Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I downloaded this lovely picture from the computer. From there I embellished with glitter, some stamp shading and a simple caption. I use this little pink book to record favorite site location passwords.

The picture above was made very inexpensively. A cheap plastic frame purchased for a buck was painted white. Astonishingly it reacted with the original darker plastic and created a sort of lite pink hued white! I down loaded the picture from the computer and embellished with glitter and soft paint on her lips and cheeks. I also came up with my own quote that matched what the picture evoked in my heart. I used the feather boa as the actual hanging ribbon on the back of the frame. For a finish the stars were glued on the front for enhancement purposes and to reflect the star theme from
within the atique print. Because I had all of the supplies on hand this cost me nothing but my time and imagination.

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