Sunday, May 24, 2009

My corner of the world

Hello sweet friends. Are you having a wonderful weekend? It's been crazy here .. I'll spare you the details! Today is mild with some soft showers. I've been outside painting stuff White. The rain sort of put a stall on that but it's fine.. the little pin drops from the rain actually make the finished items look more shabby and used. I like used... and I love Shabby. I got lucky yesterday and hit the Good Will. I have to confess the prices at this spot were way way up there! I only came away with a few things. The crock above (I've had the crock for years) is filled to the brim with my home-made soaps. These soaps don't smell strong as they are my first efforts at the craft. I plan on purchasing some good oils soon rather than the watered down stuff from Michael s craft store. I guess I won't run out of soap for quite some time right?
This sweet girl holding the shell was snatched off the internet. I used a thrift store resin frame enhanced with glitter to frame her. The old scarf is just a simple embellishment.. I may take it off but for now it hides the nail holding the frame.
I just love these little measuring crocks! I bought these yesterday at Good Will for about 1.00 each. I looked and looked for more of the set but could not find any. That's fine...I still love these and will use them for my soap projects.
This little lady was captured off the internet too. I embellished the frame with shells...raffia grass and a sticker that says "shell seeker". I also rubbed with my finger some soft brown paint to give it a bit more age. The wood frame was on sale at Kmart for a buck! It too hangs in my bathroom.
This little basket was also from Goodwill yesterday. I just washed it... let it dry, spray painted it white and decided to put the TV controls and my glasses in the little compartments. It does not match the dark theme in our TV room...but for now it works. I guess it's really for silver ware and napkins for a picnic table. I'll use it for that later when the mood strikes.
Ok hope you enjoyed your visit in my little corner of the world today. I love having y'all drop in.

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