Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beauty in my world

I'm not sure what this saying is but it captured my that...I always try to create beauty in my world. I do silly things that no one else in their right mind would do...such as Hang torn lace in a window...scatter xmas lites inside sheer mesh over a bed...hang blue xmas lites from my grandsons ceiling and window when I did his bedroom in a nautical theme....put gold or silver glitter in my hair and on my body.(and I'm over 5o!)...redo a cast iron tub so I can bathe outside...swim naked in my pool...wash my hair under the water hose outside..leave bread crumbs at the shoreline of the sound after dark so that the sea gulls have a surprise in the morning...lunge into the ocean fully dressed in a white summer with my 3 month old in the department store not caring who see's....going camping but making sure I bring a white lace table cloth and eaqually romantic tea lites in mason jars or glass containers to lite the area with....walking outside in the snow with the flu just to snap pictures of the snow...posing my grand kids in old fashioned cloughs so I can take a zillion pictures....stopping along side of the road to pick wildflowers and giving them to my sister totally unaware that I could go to jail for picking the flowers....grabbing up junk that noone else wants and making something attractive...taking pictures of the sky right before dusk....on and on it goes.... I just seem to hear a differant song in my heart...and I have to dance to the tune..... Pictures, Images and Photos

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I love shabby,used,chipped,white,old,vintage, antique,junky gently loved stuff. I would love to dumpster dive but I could get a citation from the county. I adore my dogs, my grand kids and bathing in my tub outside. I am sensitive, eager to make friends although self conscious about it. I am faithful and very very generous at heart. I cry over stuff sentimental and sweet. I adore April Cornell clothing (although I can't afford her stuff)and anything sheer and vintage and loose. I'd live in my pj's and never ever wear a bra again. I love the beach and dancing in public places with my grand darlings and day time babies. I adore my kids and love my hubby although I could kill him a time or two. Yard sales and thrift stores are my died and gone to heaven activities. I love to spend money on these but usually am broke.