Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The winner is!!!!!!

Good morning my friends. I've posted a picture of the winning item. As you can see "pink" is the theme. The basket is hand painted. The handle has been lovingly wrapped with shabby rose material and embedded with roses. The basket contains a lovely assortment of goodies ... a candle embellished with fuufuu and a sweet quote. Home-made bath salts nestled inside an old glass sugar container topped with a body scrubbie. A lovely heart-shaped bar of soap, some pink hand cream, a large wedge of bath fizz and a tiny embroidered cushion are also included. To complete the ensemble a sweet tea cup with matching plate embellished with roses is also lovingly nestled inside.
I filled the tea cup with translucent filler and two pink scented tea lite candles. Lastly a sweet pink book encased in the same scrap ribbon on the handle and some Mary Engelbreit Dimensional stickers.
Oh yea ... before I forget the winner is !!!! Irma's Rose Cottage!! Congrats Irma!! I hope you enjoy your basket!!

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