Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Hello my sweet friends. Just wanted to say I am working a new job outside the home. I started this week and it appears that I will consumed this entire week. My heart has been here but my body is tired!! That said...after some time and space and some relief from this blasted sinus infection to boot I'll have some new homespun stuff to share. I can't stay away from blogging too long or I'll get withdraw symtoms. At least now I'll have some extra money for my biggest hobby... repurposing and buying stuff at the thrift store!! Yea!!

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I love shabby,used,chipped,white,old,vintage, antique,junky gently loved stuff. I would love to dumpster dive but I could get a citation from the county. I adore my dogs, my grand kids and bathing in my tub outside. I am sensitive, eager to make friends although self conscious about it. I am faithful and very very generous at heart. I cry over stuff sentimental and sweet. I adore April Cornell clothing (although I can't afford her stuff)and anything sheer and vintage and loose. I'd live in my pj's and never ever wear a bra again. I love the beach and dancing in public places with my grand darlings and day time babies. I adore my kids and love my hubby although I could kill him a time or two. Yard sales and thrift stores are my died and gone to heaven activities. I love to spend money on these but usually am broke.