Wednesday, September 2, 2009

kitchen face lift on the cheap.

This is what my kitchen looks like right now!!! Help!! It's going to be a mess for the next couple of days!! Why you ask? I was hoping you would!

I am in a mood!! Oh my God!! don't tell anybody!! OK?

My poor poor hubby never knows what kind of mischeive I'm up too when he's at work and I have nothing but play time on my hands!

I hate my counter tops!! and we've discussed at length some future plans to re-do. My son is an ace cabinet man but he is busy and I have no $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

So with that in mind ...

Out came the sander .... out came the clear poloyurethane (high gloss which is all I had on hand -- on second thoughts I should have used sim-gloss about 8.00 a can). Out came the can of red Krylon Banner Red-gloss. After sanding well and cleaning up the dust

I put two coats of the red and allowed drying time...I'm still in the process of lathering on the polyurethane. I'm doing sections at a time.

It is a bit shiney!! But later should I choose to change it I can always resand and repaint since the bones of the cabinet are good. It is not as nice as brand new counter tops but it is a nice change. I do have lots of red in my kitchen so this should fit well with the decor. I love old timey kitchen gadgets and such so now I can just look for more in Red! I really love how the grain still shows..adds interest.

I plan to smash these into fragments. The broken bits are going into tile adheasive. I'm just not sure if I am going to make a border of it in front of the sink as a sort of water back splash and also add some for a small section behind the stove. I have some whole white tiles for the back of the stove as well. I may download and decouapage some vintage type clipart to some of the tiles as well to coordinate things.

Can you guess what I'm going to do with this?!! Give up?! I'm going to spray paint this faux plastic shutter with white paint ... maybe add a couple of white ceramic knob on the side where the hand used to go to hang a dish cloth on or red apron and then the slats will be used to hold recipe's , cards and what ever else. Ofcourse it will be turned upside down to accomodate this. I am not sure If It will stand free style in my kitchen or if I plan to attach it somewhere in the kitchen. Will have to see. One reason I shyed from an actual wood frame is due to the fact that this faux plastic is very light and very easy to clean. I have dogs so it would not be life-threatening if it should get knocked down. I purchased this for a mere 2.00 at habitat. I just love that place!

These paddles for a fan were about 4.00. I have cleaned them and they are currently drying outside. My goal here is to take the hard-ware off. The blades are getting a new coat of white. The hard ware I think will be red to catch the counter-top colors. My main current ceiling fan body (no blades nore glass bulb covers) will recieve a white treatment too as it is currently offwhite and gold. I realy want to do something special with the blades. My husband is an excellent artist and I may compel him to paint something on the blades to coordinate with my kitchen. If I were doing a nautical thing it would be so easy for him to paint water, boats and seagulls. However I need something more vintatage looking. Any sugestions????

The white tile (purchased for .25 cents a tile and the tubs of adhesive .50 cents for a large tub at habitat) is going behind my stove... I decouapaged a vintage scece from an advertisement and embellished with red glitter polka dots...( it's upstairs drying right now) just for fun to see how it would look. In all honesty I think I should go find some real card stock pre- printed vintage cards and use them instead since the clarity would be superier rather than prints from my printer as it is mid range in performance.

I used this scene but made it small to fit the tile. Not sure as I said if I'm going to put these up or not..but I'm thinking I may. I do want to capture my grand kids hands on some of those tiles too so they can be dated and displayed for as long as my husband and I live in this house. I think that would be such a lovely touch. I may even write a favorite recipe or two on some of these tiles for permanent usage. Would'nt that be fun? What ideas do you have? I'd love some input on this.

retro vintage kitchen women ad cooking baking girl Pictures, Images and Photos Ok nuff gabbing...I've got some painting to do. I will post some after stuff when it's finished I promise!!!!

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