Thursday, September 3, 2009

I still have sooo much to do!

Well my sweets ... I have put some of my kitchen stuff back ... but in differant locations. You can barely see the counters! The thing is I'm definitly not finished here because the yellow stripped paper is comming off to be replaced by something else! What .... I know not but I am going to fingure it all out in due time! I promise not leave ya'll in the "RED" pun intended .. but will give you the full view when everything is finished. In the mean-time I'll just let you see some of the remnants here and there as I progress. I am not going to post a compeleted view for you yet because I still have soooooooo much to do. The cabinets knobs (which are black) needs a good touch up as the paint has worn off. The old ceiling fan is comming down so it can be cleaned and given a new fresh coat of paint to match the second hand blades that are still recovering from their make over. The slat is still drying...and I gotta figure out a way once I do set it up how to keep the mail and such from falling from behind the slat. Not sure If I'm going to run some type of hardening type glue to close the openings or if I'm going to glue some type of cheap wood (paint sticks?) to close the gap in the back. My kitchen sink is getting replaced .... I'm looking realy hard for one of those really deep country kitchen sinks like your grand- mother used to have. I keep going to habitat but I may end up having to go out of town somewhere to find a sink that has been abandoned or sent to a second hand type place that sells that sort of stuff.
I'm also repainting my grand-daughters kitchen school desk. It should look like a crackle finish when done if the paint does what it's supposed to. I'm having a lot of fun though and it seems like while I'm in the middle of one thing another idea pops into my head. I hope the inspiration keeps flowing. I hope ya'll don't tire of my rambling on so... I'll post more pictures in a part two of this post... Love and hugs to all of you dear sweet creative souls who have taken the time to visit and especially for those of you who have left sweet comments. Bless you ... you make my day!!!!!!

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