Saturday, September 5, 2009

seeing red

Good Morning my sweet friends. I hope your holiday weekend is full of laughter, Family and friends!

I have no idea what our our weekend holds as hubby has a Sinus Infection and I think I may be comming down with the same thing. Why is it when he gets sick he realy shows all of the classic signs on a more intense level? He'll be rotten sick for 2 days! then Done! Me? on the otherhand can go for a full week sluggish, peaked,drained and yet mobile and many would never guess I was sick...sheesh it's just not fair! Ok ... I am getting gabby and totally off the subject!!!
I wanted all of you to see the lovely curtains I made on a very cheap budget.
I gathered up a spring rod from another curtain "come down". Went to the Dollar tree and found these cute red cotton dish towels. These proved to be crisp and light .. perfect for my project. I bought #6. Upstairs in my craft room I had this red and white trim just laying around. Some fabric glue and a sewing machine with red thread finished the needed supplies.
I set the spring rod down to determine the width of the hem needed for the top of the cotton towel. I noticed that some of the towels had a bit wider length (factory oops) so I used one of the towels and lined the other five against it to be sure they were all the same length.
Each top hem had the same measure of sewing line even if the actual fold was wider on some of the towels. No matter. Noone will see the back side anyway. Finishing the bottem and sides were not nessecary since they all had pre-exhisting hems. The only time consuming endeaver in my opinion was gluing on the trim. That's right "I used glue" I cheated. I just layed the trim with a little excessive off the sides to fold behind the bottem of the finished towel and globbed on the fabric glue. It dries clear so if you should smudge a bit it does'nt matter. After gathering and bunching the project was complete. Do you think they look Ok? I was amazed at how cheap I pulled this off.

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