Friday, September 4, 2009

Part 2 of "I still have so much to do"

Greetings dear friends.... hubby and son are both sick and I've been up for the last 2 nights dealing with that! It's currently 4 in the morning!! So using my time for something worthwhile, here I sit chatting with you!!
I have been working on my grand-daughters school desk. I know it sounds redundant but I'm not finished. I am happy to say the crackle effect turned out nice. I merely used a base coat, let it dry and then slathered on Elmers Glue mixed with water..not too runny..and then let that dry. Using the same red as on the counters I then smoothed that on and as it dried the crackle effect kicked in. I still need to do the seat and touch up the metal components as well.
You can also see the finished slat door. I'm still not sure if I like it completely because I had to fold the envelopes to keep them from slipping through. The knobs are intact for hanging things on as well. I think I will more than likely use this to display the grand-kids art work. I hung it with the same red check material used for the towel hanger on the stove in the previous blog. It looks cute I think. What do you think?
I'm hoping the ceiling fan is coming down today so I can start tackling it. I am very impatient and once I get going I get on a roll and can't seem to stop!!

Yesterday while at the dollar tree looking for more Elmers Glue I came across 6 adorable crisp lite dish towels. I'm going to run a hem across the top to put a spring rod through to mount on my kitchen window. The total cost 6.00 and a little bit of time on the sewing machine. I don't want the kitchen to look so dated but do you remember back in the day those type of cafe curtains with the cute little white ball tassels? I may find something like that later to edge the towels with but for now I will use them as is .. like I said I get impatient. The tile deal is the biggest project yet to be done but I've got to get my grand babies over so I can have them either paint or draw on the tiles and also try to get their hand prints. I know my little Nevaeh's hand will fit the tile but not sure if Lucas and Dakota's hand will fit so they may just have to decorate the tile for me with permanent markers. OK nuff with the gift of Gab. Have a wonderful wonderful day my sweet blog friends!!!!!

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