Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Hello darling friends. Has it been cold in your neck of the woods? Our cold cold weather is starting to break finally. Indications of warmer weather are forthcomming according to the weather chick. In the mean-time would you like to share in a steamy bowl of vegetable soup? It seems nothing hits the spot. Comfort food delux! I adore eating with my very old spoon (intact with piths and dings) and how it just ladles the soup perfectly from bowl to mouth. Did you know the correct way to eat soup is to ladle the spoon away from you when you scoop? In otherwords scoop your soup backwards. Try it. It's very formal. I was taught that in home ec class way back in the day. I think that's the only thing I remmember from that class.
Anyhow's My sweet plate from the Dollar tree enhances the look along with a deep beige bowl housing the soup. My darling salt and pepper shakers (a dollar for the pair) pour salt and pepper lavishly over the food item. Don't you hate when you use a shaker and your not sure if any of the stuff is comming out? No problem with these. that you've had the grand tour of my lunch on a winter day I hope your day proves just as comforting. Have a wonderful wonderful week!

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