Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Thrift

My birthday fell on Sat. That ultimately allowed my request to be honored. Usually my husband averts any and all events that say "spend money".... especially craft stores, thrift stores and yard-sales. With my daughter and grand daughter in tow.. with hubby being the unwilling driver...we hit a couple of yard-sales (no good finds there) and the thrift store. I ended up not spending as much money as my hubby feared. The thrift store produced some interesting finds.

The darling edged hankie embracing the silver heart shaped container just hollered out my name! Ialso discovered the lonley belt buckle in a 25 cent bin. The adorable gold bottle brush tree was found in the christmas section. The frosty bottle with the cork also caught my eye. Everything got a good soapy bath including the bottle brush tree. I've already given the silver heart a fresh coat of white.
I'll post an after picture later. I'm unsure what I'm going to do with the tree. The frosty bottle will eventually house home-made bubble bath. I've also got plans for the belt buckle. Any how's hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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