Monday, August 16, 2010

Back yard Shelter ... cheap ...easy...and very temperary

I have this thing for out door havens ... in particular I dream of a home-made
shabby/hideaway type tent.
I would want to feel the hush of breeze and the dance of butterfly
so an open floor plan would be nice
A sweet table covering laden with roses is a must.
                                                                   Lots of Shabby ... pink ....
Lots of Lace draped over adirondak chairs for lounging.
A book ... a jar with flowers ...another lacey chair
and a star candle for nite time reflection.

  I did a big girl version of the play house yesterday.
Remmember when we were kids and draped old sheets or blankets over
the back yard cloths line? I grabbed up a bunch of table coverings
an old lace shower-curtain .. and my plastic yard chairs.  I camoflauged
everything into shabby and makeshift. I also covered a large lounge
chair in the same material as the top of my tent.  Hubby asked me not to
post the picture because he fell asleep on it .. 
Oneday I want to make a "real tent" using patterned canvas material"
but till then I will just use my trusty string and table coverings.
I also used tall thin tree limbs I cut down and anchored in the ground. 
It took a bit of adjusting here and there but I finally acheived a temperary spot to read
relax in and even take a short summer nap in.  Bug spray came in handy too.
The tent is temperary.  If it needs washing or it rains.. no biggie.

Please see the above site to obtain some trully cool stuff on outdoor havens and other wonderful ideas.

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