Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dollar Tree Oldie but Goodie

Hello darling friends.  I know this particular Idea is nothing new.  There's been tons of unique variations - so - I thought I'd add mine to the crowd.  I guess when something this good comes along it has a ripple effect. I'm working on more but I'm excited to share this finished project.  I got "muse- ish" the other day and took advantage.  This is an all weather project.  By embracing more than one season the foliage in the glass can reflect fall-time or Christmas with a few minor changes.  I think this could even adapt too spring. ( If the colors in your home are reflective of mossy greens and forest type hues.)
My home reflects many pleasing colors so this fits well near my stair-case but could fit nicely in my dining room *fruit room* or my *bedroom*.
What I did to make this .... First I literally catapulted too Dollar Tree

I snatched up a few of those lovely glass Cylinders and the lead crystal candle holders ... as you know the two are glued with Gorilla Glue
I already had in my stash a photo stock card depicting an adorable mossey green caped girl with flowers in hand. I had already painted/embellished her cape with some goldish/glittery type paint in the past and so I merely cut her out from the main card.  She was adhered to the inside of the glass with spray glue.  I did have to clean up the inside of the glass carefully after she dried with vinegar water and some paper towel since there were a couple of glue smudges from my fingers.  No biggie.  I sized her up so she was sort of towards the bottem of the glass Cylinder.  I already had some dried rose petals and some fake flowers similar to what she was/is holding in her hand. The soft sheer material was a past purchase too.  I merely tore a few strands and tied it to the lip of the glass in a draping ribbon effect and placed it a bit too the side at a juanty angle. The red moss was another find at the Dollar Tree.  I cut off the tops of some curling wood fronds and opened them up so they would furl around the lip of the glass.  I played with it a bit to get it to do what I wanted and to make it look pleasing. The fronds are on top of the mesh.  I cut some wirey type copper hued beady things and wrapped it around the lip on top of the wood furls and the mesh ribbon.  I cheated a tad and manipulated the mesh/wood fronds and beady things with a drop or two of glue so it would not slide down and cover the sweet cape laden girl.  I also broke off a flower that matched the hues of the cape and hot glued it on top of the mesh knot which secured the entire arrangement on the lip of the cylinder.  It gave it a pleasing finished look.  I stuffed the inside of the cylinder with the red/autumnal moss, dried rose petals (red and cream) as well as some other little touches of dried flowers that matched the bouquet she was holding.   I dropped a few unfurled wood curls in it too so it balanced out the impression that matched the top.  I realized the foliage is a fire hazard so I took a glass cone shaped cylinder (just laying around doing nothing) and placed it inside the entire component which  helped too reinforced the glued card stock so she would not come loose as well as protect the inside foliage and mossy girl from dust and dirt.  In the glass cylinder I placed a battery operated candle.   Oh I forgot.. I also hugged the bottem of the display with some more of that wirey copper beaded stuff.  What do you think? I had a lot of fun making this and it all just fell into place with little thought or effort.  My muse was very nice to me that day .

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