Monday, October 4, 2010

did I lose a friend??

I thought I had 23 followers only 22.
Perhaps someone got offended by one of the pictures
from my Halloween displays. 
I am sorry.
Maybe I should have given more thought to what I display on
my page.  However...I don't want to mislead anyone into
assuming that I am a total die-hard Christian or something eaqually wholesome.
Many of you would be in shock by the fact that my better half is a minister.
Sometimes I display a bit of the dark side of my heart. It's just my way
of coping sometimes.
If you are offended please understand I do not generally use
racish displays on my blog site .. nor do I use profanity.
I do not possess a total Gothic approach to life and circumstance.
Sometimes I just let myself become what I am at that
given momment... and I do it safely without harm to myself or anyone else.
Often life is crushing and I use my art as a type
of theraphy without actually offending the person or situation that is
or has caused me greif or anger.t
It's the same approach I use when I take my beebee gun and shoot it at tin cans or a tree
to release the tensions of life. 
Sometimes I'm soft , gentle and romantic...all pink and feathers and tender with tears.
Other times I'm hard, crusty and nasty.
Most of all I am honest .. open and caring.
I don't wish to misrepresent my blog nor my attitude.
I follow many interesting sites..many who are Christian and
others who are not.  I embrace the diversity as it keeps life
That being said...please understand I totally respect your choice not
to be a follower.  I appreciate your being a part of my life
even if it was short lived. I enjoyed your company and hope to see you again soon.

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