Sunday, October 3, 2010

My craft sale

Saturday morning I woke before the sun.
I had claimed a spot by the highway to set up
On comming traffic heading to the Sea-Food Fest would spot
my table quickly.
I managed to slurp one cup of coffee and then set up.

I was also prepared by way of reading material
to keep myself entertained while I waited for the
crowds of people that were to come!

I could not have asked for better weather!!
It was cool and a breeze.
That breeze it what did me in later how-ever.

 Ok sweets..Don't let the babies see this....I hope Eblog does not kick me off!! I made this print last year for a friend but never had the chance to get it in the mail.  I'll just have to make her another one.

 These were made last year as well.. more on the blue/spring side
Just another view of some last year stuff

I'm not sure what the deal is with the side view but you can see the halloweeny witchy shoes
and some other black and scary stuff

Another weird side view of a print I put together

I am sorry for the side view... your going to get a crick in your neck..
I love this print and the saying.  As you can see I adore glitter and more glitter

This is more like of my halloweeny ideas..dollar tree spanish moss...fuufuu yarn and black ribbon and
those dazzling looking skulls!!

Another awesome view of my skulls encases in glass. I found some cool
fake hands too embelish these with as well.  More fuufuu stuff. I had some  black glittery
material that I also tore into strips for a rough/shabby look.
Walmart also had some cool spider ribbon on the cheap.

The black angel says "don't  let my looks fool you I'm a total bitch!"
I embelished with plastic bugs..dotted black ribbon and more feathers from the
Dollar tree.  The candles came from the store buck store too.

Three views of a bottle I embellished.  I love the skull
corkscrew!  You can see the sweet black torn materail used as a ribbon.
The broach was a sweet cheap dollar tree find.. I think it was a pin
at one time..

I loved this...but the wind snatched it and crashed it to the ground.
The glass is thin but it was sooo pretty!! I used torn segmants of sheer
organza material left over from a wedding project.  Beatiful as ribbon and
so cocoa shabby!

Another crick your neck picture!! It says "Witches adore Pink."
I made a pink glitter witch hat for her and embellished with fake bugs
and ofcourse pink/purple glitter

a last yer project...the book is about Vampires ofcourse!

a  bit crocket looking but it is unique.  cool to look at

she reads..."damn right I'm the bitch of the day"

prayer candles all doozied up in black ribbon and spooky clipart

Nuff said!

last years embellished of my most fave prints

my poor candy apples...I kept the bags open so peoples could pull the apples out and see how cute and fake!

I love romantic! a last year project

I love this...cute right?

she reads "Y...who made you queen for the day!
I should have put a crown on her head but I did not have one in
my stash...should have printed one but I ran out of time.
These books were .25 cents each last year so I purchase tons of them
and re-embellished.  Thery were origiionally christmas books

Sorry folks but I love this b.tchy witch!! I made her a hat too!

Another Fave clipart peice!! I use her a lot to get my point across

close up of a book mark in a book I embellished

the other part of that book mark

fallish gift basket from last year

she reads "witches love the beach too...and the top says "b.tchy witchy"

More b.tchy witchy stuff

fuufuu flops

romance in the fall gift bucket

embellished books I bought for .25 last year ..the pen is so cute.
Bought from the Dollar tree...3 to a pack!

I love this darling ... made from a xmas card and embellished to the max book mark

last year project

Well after all!! of this... guess what!!! I  did not sell ONE item...NO Not One!!!
I blame it on the fact that I should have rented a more strategic location...Flea-Mall??
The wind hurt me because she kept knocking some of my stuff around and I ended up
losing one of my fave peices to the wind.  I packed up after that.
I did not get devasted about the lack of response...(5 people pulled in and pulled out without ever
getting out of their car!!).  Oh well
I realalize my goods need a more permanent spot for exposure and without the elements and damage
incurred from packing and repacking stuff.  I was tired but...not totally discouraged. 
I did not stay as long either because I knew most people in the afternoon would
be broke from buying at the sea-food fest.  I took this as a learing experience. any of ya'll have any suggestions? I am open to any input you wish to
share...good or bad...

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