Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trial Project Toy Catcher

I don't wish to miss-lead anyone.  I crochet rag-rugs and such but being an advid crochet person is not my expertise.  I can read patterns and somewhat put together stuff with yarn but I am always an "uncertain" person who appreciates a seasoned assistant.  You know the type ... "put the needle here ... twist ... and then put the hook there."  Unfortunately I don't have that "person" so I just hold my tongue just so and hope for the best.
That being said I've been messing around with this baby yarn. I was winging it big time.  I've decided it's going to be a round basket of sorts.  My brain went "Ding" and I thought my grand-darlings little bedroom needs something to house all of her toy animals.  I've been working in her little room adding my deco touch here and there ... so this should work.  We thought about one of those mesh hammocks that you hang from corner to corner but my approach is unique and intriging.  When it's finished I'll post again so everyone can see how it turned out.

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