Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I like being Nosey but I often wonder.

I like looking at what other bloggerrettes have and love in their homes.
Often while browsing at all of the lovely blogs
I am heart-struck.  The beauty, uniqueness and talent
takes my breath away and makes my heart jump.  I will also admit that I get very
jealous ... but in a good way.  I'm always thinking ... how brilliant ... or ...
how did they come up with that ?... or ... why can't I come up with stuff like that?
I want so much to simulate and still remain true to "me" and
my flavor or style.  In other words ... not everything I own
is Pink or white.  Yet I will confess everything is "my touch".
I mean .... who puts a blue enamal pan on the stove and
fills it with surgar so hubby can turn on the burner and
accidently cook it? 
Sometimes when  I go into other peoples homes (and not in
blog-land homes either) I wonder if maybe I should conform
to "normal standards".  I question my confidence in decorating
my home.  You know ... the shabby stuff...the gently used stuff...
the unfinished mess stuff I always seem to have laying around the house.
But then I come to you ... my many bloggerettes...and I get a swift kick in the pants...
and I can hear all of you saying "girl" you gotta be you!! you gotta do what
your heart dictates."  Kindred spirits are like that ... they put things in perspective.
Thank you my dears for keeping me straight "sigh"........

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