Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Morning!! How do you like my darling grandson Lucas and one of our 2 dogs .. Sky Blue?
As you can see both are having a grand time bathing in my cast iron tub. Sky is camera shy so Lucas made sure he was posing "nice" for the camera.

The story behind the tub? Glad you asked. I discovered a cool lady via computer,magazine and then book... MaryJane Butters. Her book MaryJanes's ideabook-cookbook-lifebook literally made me drool. She was also featured in Where Woman Create published by Stampington and Company's Somerset Studio. She is a vintage style Martha Stewart and her ideas and creations are by far much more affordable and applicable!

I discovered that she owns several outdoor bathtubs and enjoys bathing under the stars! I was much releived because I've always wanted to do the "poor mans" jacuzzi.. but thought it might be a bit strange. One of my new years resolutions solidified in my heart and I determined after her affirmation to take the "plunge" and rescue a tub.
Coincidently as I drove to work every week I would spy an abandoned tub resting against the side of a building near what I perceived to be an old workshop. The person who owned the workshop lived in the house next door. I drove by many times before I spied a guy working on his car in the drive way. Mustering up courage I pulled in and enquired. "was the tub for sale?" It was... and only for 70.00 bucks!!
The deal was made .. the cash exchanged and the guy actually loaded the thing and delivered it to my house! Can you imagine my husbands surprise when he pulled into the driveway! He just shook his head.
The tub had some surface rust on the outside belly. My husband merely scraped, sanded and primed and then I cleaned the inside out as well. It does not have a really smooth finish on the inside but it's ok for it's intended use. Hey I get my hiney exfoliated!! no sharp edeges just sort of rough is all. I've hung a mesh over the tub...put some xmas lites in a candle vase and during the day I fill it with water so that by the end of the afternoon the sun has warmed the water enough to soak. I have all the essensials close at hand .. a white wicker chair... ...soap...lotion...shampoo...scub brush and a tub pillow. I am searching for a very small hot water heater on craigs list however...I want to eventually have hot water for now with summer it's not crucial. My tub is great for the grand kids to rinse off after being at the beach and to wash my dogs in. It's great to soak my feet after a hard day at work or to cool off after working in the yard. It's also romantic at nite with the lites twinkling and just soak with a nice glass of wine or a cool glass of tea.

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