Sunday, January 10, 2010

Super cheap candles

Hello my darlings... I'm turning into a human popsickle!! It's been sooooo cold here in my part of Eastern North Carolina. The weather chick promises sunny days ahead however. Hope her predicition proves true. I have men comming in buying ladies black gloves because we have no guy gloves left. Walmart is out too!! I've pushed the gloves and the hats and believe me it's needed. If I had know all of this was going on I would have done a "Blanket Drive" via permission from my DM. I kept thinking of people on limited incomes and those who are homeless and may need blankets.

Maybe next year. The main purpose for popping in today is to share a thrifty purchase. I've been planning a wedding reception dinner for april and I also adore candles .. my store has a new temporary line of these led candles. They come in several limited colors. I guess this is a spring product. I'm not indicating that these are the best flameless candles but for the cost they suit. I've been researching on line and I am amazed at how expensive these run. I purchased as many as I could. Here is the trick with these however. The instructions that come with these do not apply...secondly there is a little switch that you can click that lights the candle but it will not stay on ... you do need batteries...and I think they want you too pull off the little switch thingy in the back. Otherwise there is a lot one can do with these. This is another good buy such as those swet little ceramic tea lite bird holders everyone has been raving about from the Dollar tree. I bought my birdies some time back ... Ha!
Anyway...check this out and let me know what ya'll think.

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