Friday, October 1, 2010

You don't Bring me flowers/Pink Serenade winner!!

This is a commercial break.
I have plans to sell my Halloweeny stuff this weekend.
We have the seafood -fest in Eastern N.C
and with it lots of people from out of town will
be filtering in.
I don't want to spend big bucks renting a spot
for exposure so I'm doing the poor mans
approach and will set up a table on the main
drag to see if people will stop and more importantly if
they will buy~  Wish me luck
I won't be too pricey but hopefully people will
enjoy the twist I put on some of my goodies.

I decided for fun to take a picture of some green in my computer room
growing inside two tea-cups on a shabby plate.  Cute right?
 Hubby came home yesterday with these lovely fall flowers. 
He does try to do the right's been a while since I've gotten flowers..I think Mothers day.
They are proudly sitting on my kitchen table in a pitcher that matches the hues of the flowers.
It also gave me an excuse to take a picture in the "Macro" phase with my camera.  It's been raining all week here and it was at night so the picture is not the best but I see potential in Macro setting.  I've already put in a big request for christmas/wedding anniversery and birthday for a new up graded camera  (about 599.00 in cost).  That may seem costly but...all three of these celebrations are withen a month of eachother and two in Jan.  I think that's fair and cheap for such important dates don't you? 
I'll be posting the finished Halloween projects after this weekend.  Some of it's a bit "racey" so keep the babies and kids away!

  At the start of September I posted a "Pink Serenade" giveaway.  Well!!! I got two very lovely responses!!
Soooo it was plain as to who won. I just had to pick both of these sweeties since they were the only two who got involved in the give away and they are brand baby new followers. I'm not sure if the lack of participants was due to my not posting what the goods were. Of-course I only have about 20 something followers anyway.. (my sweethearts in blog land).  As some of you may know from my very very first giveaway..I like to keep things as a surprise..but I do hint at what it may contain.  The purpose of the give away was to embrace summer just a bit longer before Fall set in.  I still have not contacted Donnie...Donnie are you reading this?  Send me your snail mail.   

Donnie of newblessings  and  Maggie of Grandma Yellow Hair.

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